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Aquis3D 15 May, 2020 No Comments

Correctly interpreting and disseminating the life of previous civilisations has always been one of the great concerns of historians and humanists. Past architecture or a social act cannot be analysed under our gaze, as it must be recreated under the eyes of its former citizens. A clear example is the different concept one has of public toilets today compared to that in classical Rome, when they had a clear social and political function and were ideal places for conversation and social relationships.

For this reason, our new project entitled “Aquis Querquennis 3D” aims to bring to light the daily life of a Roman camp as accurately and faithfully as possible during the construction of the Bande Via Nova. This road linked “Bracara Augusta” with “Asturica Augusta”, and the road stop (mansio) located a few metres away that served as accommodation for travellers on this road. To do this, all the architectural and structural elements of the area will be scanned and recreated in 3D and combined with real actors to create a complex audiovisual story.

The main objectives we want to achieve with this project are: to encourage the visit to the Roman fort of Aquis Querquennis, the Porta de Bande and the Via Nov;, to facilitate the educational interpretation of archaeological structures ‘in situ’; increase the dissemination and international knowledge of the Aquis Querquennis tourist and archaeological resource; and introduce creative and innovative processes in the dissemination and valuation of local heritage.

Before posting the final videos, you can enjoy the entire process prior to its execution on the web, as the blog will be updated with several articles about the fascinating process from the beginning: The data collection, the 3D scan, work behind the scenes, the making of each part, photos of the process, information content, curiosities; in short, the most complete information about the project.

Some images obtained from the first data collection:

This way we hope you enjoy the complex (but beautiful) work that is the recreation of life, and the day-to-day life of the inhabitants of a camp once occupied by Roman soldiers. We hope that this recreation contributes to the culture of the area and finally the visibility that the Aquis Querquennis and Via Nova archaeological sites deserve.

However, this is not all. We also plan to set up a mobile app (which we hope to show you as soon as possible) for Android and iOs devices where you can enjoy direct interaction thanks to QR code technology. Please follow us on the social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where we will provide weekly updates of all the new content we are developing and, of course, read all your suggestions. We are counting on your support!