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Area of interest: Church of San Pedro de Bande - AquisQuerquennis 3D

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The parish church of San Pedro de Bande, dating from the 18th century, is in the Baroque style. Its architecture is robust and simple, offering great sobriety and giving it an air of strength. This austerity can also be noted in the rectory, which is organised around a beautiful interior courtyard with columns.

This parish is made up of the towns of Bande, Buxán, Lueda, Martiñán, Recarei, Sarreaus, Seoane, Sordos and Vilameá. It is notable for being the urban nucleus of the City Council where most of the administrative tasks are carried out.

It has a Latin cross plan divided into five sections covered with a barrel vault and arches that rest on pilasters. The transept is covered with a rib vault and the nave with a barrel vault.

A few metres In front of the church is the rectory with its coat of arms, leading to the Celanova monastery office.

These sacred monuments are guarded by three imposing centennial oak trees which are included in the “Catalogue of Special Trees in Galicia”. According to popular tradition, when they flower it is the time to plant potatoes (middle oak), corn (northern oak) and beans (southern oak).

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