Aquis Querquennis

Help - AquisQuerquennis 3D

How does the App work?

The purpose of the application is to allow viewing the videos while taking a self-guided tour.

1 - Set Up Your Visit

Select the language by clicking on the Settings button.

Welcome to the Aquis Querquennis Roman Encampment App. You can access a guided tour supplemented by explanatory videos located at the various points of interest.

2 - Camp Visit

Follow the instructions to take the guided tour.

Whenever you approach a point of interest, you will be able to access additional interesting information.

To get the most out of your experience, follow the route suggested by the App.

3 - QR Codes

The QR code is located on the side of the access points conveniently distributed throughout the fort.

Once the code has been scanned, an explanatory video of that point will be played.

4 - Viewing Videos

List of videos

You can access the list of available videos directly from the main menu.