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Route: Roteiro do Monte Grande - AquisQuerquennis 3D

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Technical difficulty: Intermediate; Circular trail

Type of route: MTB, horseback riding and hiking

Points of interest: Landscape, ethnography and archaeology

Duration: 8.5 hours

Total distance: 31.7 km (Including diversions and variants)

Main trail: 17.3 km

Shortest variant: 8 km

The main path, as well as its shorter variant, has the high point known as Outeiro do lermes as its starting point. The essential sights are the petroglyphs, the tombs and the Foxo dos Lobos (a hunting trap for wolves, consisting of a construction with V-shaped stone walls converging in a pit).

We must not forget to mention the passage through the tree nurseries, leisure areas, artificial lagoons and viewpoints, as well as the masses of native flora and the repopulation of conifers, of great botanical interest.

Starting from the area to the right of the Fonte del Hoyo going east for 2 km you reach the cave paintings of Arieiro, with their symbolic representations and concentric circles from the Bronze Age.

Continuing north are the sepulturas del Arándano (cranberry graves), which are Neolithic burial mounds with a burial chamber. From the graves, you can take a diversion of just 0.5 km to look at the Las Covateiras wolf hole before returning to the same path to access the main track of Monte Grande.

Petroglyphs Monte Arieiro - Monte Grande
Petroglyphs Monte Arieiro – Monte Grande

Descending 2 km, turning left and continuing south, the Lermes area is reached, where a fountain, a picnic area and a small lake are located. Following the main route for 1 km, you return to the starting point.

During the circuit, you can contemplate the great arboreal diversity in the Monte Grande and the landscape of the surrounding mountains. The forest is home to a large number of wild fauna, notable among which are wolves, foxes, roe deer, wild boar and martens.

Foxo as covateiras - Monte Grande