Aquis Querquennis

Route: San Rosendo Road - AquisQuerquennis 3D

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  • Technical difficulty: Intermediate. Linear trail
  • Type of route: MTB, hiking
  • Points of interest: Landscape, ethnography and archeology
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Total distance: 28.3 km (Santa Comba – Alto do Vieiro section: 15.2 km)

The San Rosendo route from Porto-Quintela to Orense is part of the recovery of 225 km of pedestrian routes connecting Porto-Quintela (Bande) and Foz (Lugo).

O Redondo
O Redondo

This is named after Saint Rosendo, known as the defender and peacemaker of Galicia. However, it also refers to a work called “The Gerês Roman Road” (A via romana do Gerês) written by José Matos Ferreira after walking the route in 1728. You can discover magnificent examples of religious heritage, such as the Visigoth temple of Santa Comba, the church of Bande and the Celanova monastery, among others.

This trail starts from the village of Santa Comba, goes past Santa Comba church, the archaeological site of Aquis Querquennis and the surroundings of the Pena Maior fortress; all of which make this walk an essential itinerary for lovers of archaeology.

To these unique and undeniably beautiful places, we must add the ethnographic, natural and cultural richness along this route. From Alto do Vieiro, we enter the lands of the Verea City Council to finish the tour in Celanova.

San Rosendo Monastery
San Rosendo Monastery